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I had to make a paddle making decision.
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It All Began With One Paddle!

Here's how it all began. . . My wife and I are both stand up paddlers, and a few years ago it turned out that we had two stand up paddle boards and just one paddle. It was nice to have two boards but we couldn't go paddling together. One of use would have to stay at the house or on the beach while the other padded out on the water.

Well, Christmas was just around the corner and then it it him. Why don't I just make a paddle? Being as busy as I was, I knew there had to be a way to build a wooden stand up paddle in a day becuase I didn't have the time to spend all week building one.

So, basically, out of desparation and a focused effort, I did my homework and gathered all the information I could about how the masters build their paddles. I put my own hand to it and it worked! In half a day I had the entire paddle built. It dried overnight and the following day I sealed it with polyurethane.

The paddle is beautiful and strong
and my wife still uses it today!

I'm ready to start building paddles today!
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