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Stand Up Paddle-Making Plans!

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The Pole Plank Method

1. THE POLE-PLANK METHOD: This is the simplest and fastest way to build a wooden stand up paddle Pole Plank Paddle Building Methodcomplete with an angled blade and custom handle. I had never seen this method used for building a stand up paddle prior to the release of these plans.

Since I released these plans, I've seen stand up paddles being bought and sold that have followed this method. They are strong, beautiful, functional, economical, and quick to build. I'm talking about solid wood construction and high quality workmanship.

With this method, you will easily make a custom paddle in a lazy afternoon in just 10 easy steps.


The Stack Laminate Method

Stack Laminate Method2. THE STACK-LAMINATE METHOD: This method is being used by several commercial stand up paddle makers who have chosen this as their preferred paddle-making construction.

Vary the types of wood used, and this technique will produce amazing paddles for flat water paddlers and surfers. Just like Pole-Plank Method, you'll have your Stack-Laminate paddle complete without steam bending in 10 easy steps.



The Traditional Paddle Making Method

3. THE TRADITIONAL PADDLE MAKING METHOD: Take your skills to the next level. These plans will teach you how to make paddles like a Traditional paddle making methodprofessional. This method is used by master paddle-builders worldwide, and now they're yours!

Get professional strength, pro-construction, and the secret of pro-stand up paddle construction at your fingetips. Is it complicated?

We've simplified the traditional paddle-making method into just 10 clear and concise steps that you can implement at home with common tools.


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