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Honestly, if you can Sharpen a Pencil
and use a hand saw, you can
build a stand up paddle!

You don't need a workshop, steam bender, or any expensive tools. All you need is some scrap wood and a couple of basic tools that you probably have rusting away in your toolbox. The only tool I had to get that I'd never used before building my first paddle was a small hand planer. It was like $7 at the local hardware store.

Precise Illustrations

What will these plans allow you to do?

► You can finally design and create yoru own custom paddle!

► Shape a custom handle that fits your grip perfectly.

► Trim and shape the blade to ideal specifications for you.

► Create the precise amount of surface area you want on your blade.

► Build extra paddles for friends and family members for mere pennies.

► Discover the soul of a solid wood paddle.

► Refine yoru skills and start your own paddling-making business.


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